Wednesday, 30 January 2013

trying a new medium - fimo beads

Over last summer and during the winter rounds of the craft fairs I was really taken with the bold shape and coloured jewellery avaliable (I fell in love with this maker's work at the time).  At the time it was hard to decide what to buy, then after admiring a friend's homemade christmas decorations I was inspired to give fimo a go!  I kept it simple this time, for a trying out craft this is really cheap, easy and requires very little time (or patience, which I lack!).

Fimo Beads
I shaped by beads by hand, then used a cocktail stick to make the holes in the beads.  I also added ribbed detail to the triangles by pressing down with the side of the cocktail stick.  I baked them at 110 degrees for 30 mins on a piece of baking parchment, then allowed to cool.  For the triangle necklace I plaited 1mm leather string and wove the beads in, I used an existing silver chain for the balls.

I noticed my hands got glittery very quickly when using the metallic fimo, this did transfer a bit to the other pieces but I quite liked the effect.

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