Saturday, 26 January 2013

changing your space - bedroom update

Our bedroom has always been the last room in our house to be properly decorated, probably because it's the room most visitors never get to see (how lazy of us)!  After sorting out the conservatory I was determined in this house we would have a properly organised relaxing space just for us.  I eventually intend for this room to be a mixture of black, white, bold pattern, wood and with lots of texture (a bit of sheepskin, bedlinen and this headboard in mind), for the moment we are living with the transition and going with a mixture of things we have now and a few new cheap makes and bits and pieces.  Eventually I would love to paint the bedside tables very dark, maybe even with a bit of sparkle, who knows!

P.S. We just bought touch base lamps for our bed (John Lewis) with some of our wedding gift money from our lovely work colleagues,  for anyone thinking about them they are THE nicest way to put the light on in the morning, really gentle pretty light with 3 settings.  Little things make the biggest difference to your day, don't you find?!


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