Wednesday, 16 January 2013

a quick cheap make - diy geo frame

Just after Christmas I bought 3 frames intending to paint them with white patterns (chevron, dot) but the paint was awful and did not take well to the frame.  After a few attempts I worked out that if using tape (I used washi tape as it is nice and thin, but any masking tape will do) to mark out your designs then 1 thick layer of paint is by far the most smudge free.   I tried out a few things from around the house, but by far the best turned out to be nail polish, I tested them out on the back of the frame to see which colours worked best then painted in and let dry for a few minutes before peeling back the tape. I originally intended to neaten the edges with a cotton bud dipped in polish remover, but this removed the varnish so I outlined the edges in gold permanent marker instead!  Hey presto, a simple Geo Frame!

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